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Decorations Theme Sea Wedding Theme

Sea Wedding Theme


Decoration on beach wedding theme

Whether you are having a beach wedding or as an ocean and fish lover, you will delight your guests with this wedding theme. Everybody likes the idea of beach, sun and hot weather. It will help your guests set the mood of vacation for your happy event. As a synonym of serenity, there are some typical items you can find to recall seaside. Beautiful sunrise or sunset, sandy beaches, cheerful atmosphere, pleasure cruise on a yacht, convivial fisher port.... it's up to you to make your wedding suit your deep personality.


As far as the colours are concerned, blue seems to be an incontrovertible touch to illuminate your tableware. If you have your inspiration from Tropical waters, you could choose a turquoise blue to match with white or light yellow. Darker colours such as marine blue mixed with white, golden yellow or burgundy would recall the environment of marine and cruise ship. Of course marine blue and white straps would be a reference to navy and sea wedding theme.

Fishnet place cards

Why not making place cards into square fishing net ? Go for name fishing by  joining letters on a thread to make your guests' names and ending with a hook. This might be an original way to display your place cards on the table, hanged on the cups like sea fishing. It is a very simple item to make with a nylon rope and a hook.

Boat shaped Menu
Make your Menu into boat shape.