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Stylish Wedding Transport

Newlyweds in the wedding carWhether you plan to arrive to your wedding in luxury limousine, horse drawn carriage or in helicopter, everything is allowed for your special day. If you have been dreaming about a grand arrival to the ceremony, your wedding transport will add the extra charm to your entrance. Wedding car range from vintage cars, modern luxury limo to supercars, there will always be a convenient vehicle to fulfil your dreams.

According to tradition, the bride to-be would be the first to travel in the principal wedding car with her father or whoever is giving her away. This journey to the ceremony symbolizes the father giving her daughter away and her move from the parental home to her married life. Wedding couple would come separately to the civil ceremony, and then would go together to the following stages of the wedding procession: wedding venue, reception...
When talking about the Big Day, nothing is set in stone. Today's practice is no longer so conventional. The most important thing is to stick to the wedding theme and make your wedding unique from the beginning.

If you want a stylish arrival, there is a great number of choice made available for you . Car hire companies have an abundance of unique ideas.  If you want to draw attention on your grand arrival, here is a array of choices that worth your attentive consideration.

Mechanically drawn wedding carVintage Wedding vehicles

Ah.. old fashion charm! Do you like the idea of vintage weddings?  This wedding theme will add a touch of romanticism to your wedding ceremony and bring nostalgia feel to your guests. would be the perfect choice if you have chosen to have a castle wedding venue.

Vintage Rock'N Roll

Pink Cadillac
If you are more like a Rock'N Roll bride and love the Roaring Twenties or the crazy fifties, you will also have a extensive range of car selections for your arrival in class. For your sophisticated wedding you can find Cadillac, Mustang, Aston Martin, Bentley... Rolls Royce is the most popular British car choice for weddings. In all cases, the impact on your guests is guaranteed. If you would like to arrive like a movie star  stepping out onto the red carpet, you can also choose to hire a famous movie car such as The Supernatural 1967 Chevy Impala, the Dukes od Hazzard "general Lee", Christine replica (1958 Plymouth Belvedere/ Fury), The Bat Street Fighter...  
Finally, for bikers, it's possible to go for a two wheel wedding and hire a motorcycle. However, take good care not to mess the bride's wedding hair!

Luxury car hire

For those who prefer today's fashion and elegance, an alternative to the vintage caWhite Limo for a weddingr is  the modern luxury limousine. Modern luxury limousine is the most popular and affordable ways used by the wedding couple and bridal party to get to the festivities. The average cost is  between £250 and £400 depending on options available in the vehicle.  Usually wedding hire companies would provide vehicles in pristine conditions kitted out with flat screen TVs, lasers and mirrored ceiling. With this kind of car you can also provide a comfortable transport for the bridal party. You can select the limo size to accommodate 6 to 14 passengers or limo vans up to 20. However make sure there is no narrow street on your way to the wedding celebration.

Horse drawn carriage

Your wedding day is the perfect moment to be treated like a royalty. Horse drawn carriage is the perfect option for a fairytail wedding theme. Imagine the magical atmosphere and elegance of being escorted to your wedding in a horse carriage in your stunning princess gown! It's excellent for summer weddings as the time of the year may affect your choice. However, it's only suitable for short journeys. The cost of a horse drawn  hire is between £350 and £700 carriage depends on the fact that it's drawn by a single horse or a pair.


Bride leaning back on a red FerrariIf you and your husband to-be are crazy about high performance vehicules, your wedding day may be the perfect occasion to travel in a sport car. Whether it's a Aston Martin, a Lamborghini or a showy red Ferrari, there will always be a wedding car service to offer you that  unique experience. A super car is the ultimate wedding transport if you want to leave a lasting impression upon any onlookers on your Big Day! You can choose to  have a chauffeur driven package or drive it yourself. Prices for these machines can vary from £400 to £1500 but the driver must be aged 25 or over and hold a full driving licence for at least 5 years with a maximum of 6 points.

Green transport

Wedding couple on roller skates If you truly believe in an environmentally friendly lifestyle, you could raise your guests awareness through the choice of your wedding transport. There are many ways to have a greener wedding travel to the ceremony. If your wedding locations are not very far from each other, you could consider walking there. Whether you arrive on horse back, tandem or rickshaw, the possibilities are endless. The only thing you should think of is to save on transport as much as you can and use transport that reduce carbon emissions. Think of innovative forms of transportation. This picture shows the example of a wedding couple from Peking who have decided to roll on roller skates for their wedding day. They paraded around their neighbourhood along with their friends. However, for this type of transportation, you may pay good attention to the choice of both the bride and the groom's attire!

Unusual Wedding transport

London Bus personalised for a weddingFor your special day everything is allowed. If you really have no idea of what to do to impress your guests, here is another option! The "London Transport Routmasters buses. This is an excellent idea if you would like to provide transport for some poeple of the bridal party. It can accommodate from 64 to 72 guests.

Before you decide on your wedding transport, you should consider few details to ensure you will get the service you have paid for. Usually, what is not said is not granted. Something that might seem obvious to you may not be included in the price. You should be very careful and as as many questions as you want before you leave a deposit.

The Wedding transport is not the first thing you will think off when planning your wedding, but the wedding transport should be booked in advance. You should find and hire your wedding transport service 4 months before the wedding. If you are looking for a very particular wedding vehicle, than you should book even earlier.