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Wedding in the sky: unusual place for unforgettable memories!

Unusual weddingWould you like to do something really uncommun and get some height for your very special day? What about bringing your wedding guests a little bit closer to the angels for this occasion or simply trying a parachute jump with your hubby to enter your new married life? If this challenging idea sounds good to you, it's now possible to fulfill this dream with Event in the sky. The concept has been developped by a Beligian event ccompany, well known already known for their famous "Dinner in the sky" worldwide. They are now offering this service to couples who are not afraid of heights.


Winter themed wedding: a trendy option

Bride in front of the Ice hotelYou have finally found your winter wedding dress and all accessories to keep you warm? Now, it's time to think about the wedding venue. In addition to the elegance of a winter wedding, planning your event in this season will help you save a huge amount of money! In fact as most couples organize their wedding in summer time, the wedding industry is overwhelmed but in the cold season it's all the opposite. You can save from 20% to 40% between November and March. Another advantage is that you can plan your winter wedding in 6 months, comparing to a summer wedding where you will have to book everything one year before. Some wedding planner services have even specialize in winter themed weddings.


Stylish Wedding Transport

Newlyweds in the wedding carWhether you plan to arrive to your wedding in luxury limousine, horse drawn carriage or in helicopter, everything is allowed for your special day. If you have been dreaming about a grand arrival to the ceremony, your wedding transport will add the extra charm to your entrance. Wedding car range from vintage cars, modern luxury limo to supercars, there will always be a convenient vehicle to fulfil your dreams.


Back to the Roaring Twenties

Roaring Twenties themed weddingThis unique wedding theme will surely provide your guests a fantastic escape into the incredible Age of Wonderful Nonsense.  Obviously, Jazz Music will be playing around to keep 1920's feel and your reception location will be transformed into a nightclub from that time period. Integrating elements such as fake pearls, perfume, feather and costumes resembling Eliot Ness, Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, Bugsy Malone, and John Dillinger will help you achieve the right look. Black, red, blue, white, streaming ribbons  are necessary elements and not to be forgotten, black and white works displayed on the walls are perfect for your vintage wedding.


Sea Wedding Theme


Decoration on beach wedding theme

Whether you are having a beach wedding or as an ocean and fish lover, you will delight your guests with this wedding theme. Everybody likes the idea of beach, sun and hot weather. It will help your guests set the mood of vacation for your happy event. As a synonym of serenity, there are some typical items you can find to recall seaside. Beautiful sunrise or sunset, sandy beaches, cheerful atmosphere, pleasure cruise on a yacht, convivial fisher port.... it's up to you to make your wedding suit your deep personality.



Asian themed Wedding

Decoration on Asia traditions

Whether it is your native continent or memories from a unforgettable travel, Asia is really the continent that would be a great change of scene for your guests on the mysterious far East. There is a wide range of meaningful inspirations from the rich diversity of Asian culture: the warm colours and luxuriant decors from China, the sobriety of Japanese traditional celebrations ... many decoration styles you could inspire from.

Red and golden yellow, colours of the Chinese flag would great for an Asian decoration. If you would prefer a more springlike festivity, green and fuchsia would be fine for traditional summer weddings as  in the land of the rising sun. Although Asian weddings are very colourful, you could choose to make a wedding with cool colours, brown and light pink would be perfect for a soft and romantic wedding. And in terms of mixed colours, chocolate and light blue, burgundy and light blue will be good match for a relaxed and sober wedding, while orange, green and chocolate colours would evoke land and plant as brown and purple.
By G. Zimmer


New trends for your wedding car decoration

Car decor with flower feature stickers

When choosing your wedding room decoration, the popularity of wall stickers is not to be proven. But as far as the
wedding car is concerned, What are the trends? Today, decorating your own wedding car has became as easy as a kids' stuff. This is the end of disasters with deflated balloons on the Big Day. And welcome to wedding car stickers!



Customize your cake topper

Customized wedding topper

Displayed on top of the wedding cake or on the head table, the tradition of wedding figurine as a basic component of the cake dates back many years. Up to now, soon to be married couples used to content themselves with impersonal wedding toppers to adorn their cake. From now on, you have the opportunity to match your figurine with your own specifications and make it totally unique.


Medieval Wedding Invitations

Wedding stationery on medieval theme
William the Conqueror
, the Wars of the Roses, the Arthurian legends, the Canterbury tales, Robin Hood ... There is a long list of medieval references in historic and  fantastic literature and as many inspiration sources to illustrate a medieval wedding theme. Therefore, you will have all you need to organize a wedding that really resembles your deep perception of what Middle- Ages.


Mountainside wedding

Mountain wedding themeBreathe the fresh air of the mountains with a wedding reception on merrymaking celebration. Here is a complete guide back to the traditional trips in the mountains while adding a modern style.
The rustic look of the wood makes of this material to be perfect to bring in mind the warm impression of mountain and the honeymoon that goes with it. Create your place card holders with log according to the shape that you want to use: Christmas tree, star, maple leaf... You could cut your place cards in a star template with your guest names on it that you will then hang on top of the Christmas tree. If you want a very formal and elegant wedding, you could choose the option of a sophisticated paper which will add a graceful touch to your decorations. The sledge will also make a wonderful recall to the holidays in the mountains while featuring the wedding menu.


Tropical centerpieces

Decoration on exotic themeAn exotic wedding that will transport your guests under the sunshine of tropical weather. Turquoise blue, green and yellow are the most popular colour trends that will recall the brightness of beach, the sand and put everybody in the mood of a memorable and friendly wedding. Bamboo plaiting and tropical plant are essential items for a successful exotic wedding. It is all about tactfulness, a frangipani flower would be an excellent place card with water pearl on the table.