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Ideas for a honey-moon trip

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Quite a few brides and grooms to be would like to to use the funds of their wedding gifts list to pay for the honey moon of their dreams.


Wedding list examples: How to make a wedding gift list unique to your couple?

Setting up a wedding list is a daunting task for all couples. It's not easy to compile a list of a 100 to 200 gifts you would like to receive even if it's sounds very exiting! There are different types of wedding lists according to each couple. The good thing about Ameliste is that you really compile your list with any items and make your wedding list as unique as you are! Here are few examples of wedding lists to give an idea of how your wedding list could look like.


5 questions to ask a gift list registry...

Couple setting up wedding list

Today, many engaged couples opt for online gift list solutions which is more flexible and more convenient. With the use of modern technology facilities, weds to-be can compile their gift list from the comfort of their own home if they don't have time to go shopping around. The good thing with this option is that you can follow the evolution of your wedding list whether it is to know what gift has already be offered or update your list. Guests will have an accurate idea of your gift wishes with photos and descriptions. And for those who don't have Internet access, they may do it by fax or over the phone. However, wedding list services are not the same on the Internet, some wedding gift list companies charge a transaction fee for each wedding contribution from guests.


Traps to avoid

Wedding list creation

Are you
about to get married and want to register your wedding list? There is a full range of gift registry services who offer to handle your wedding list on your behalf. However, the costs of opening a gift list can vary a lot from a company to another. It's very important to choose the right  professional  to manage your wedding list and contributions from your guests and provide  a service that equals the importance of your Event.


How to set up a wedding list ?

Newly weds opening their wedding gifts

The main piece of sage advice is to make sure you register your wish list at least four months ahead. Once your invitation cards have been posted (approximately three months before),  your guests will contact you to accept or decline your invitation and will ask you if you have registered a wish list. Therefore, your wedding list must to be done.  Some couples directly insert a card with all details about the bridal registry in their invitations,  which will save you from answering several time the same question. It is up to you to know how to handle the situation, in particular with older relatives. 


Where to register your wedding list ?

Internet gift list registryDepartment Stores

Registering with a single product company is still a very popular form of setting up a wedding list, even though this option is not flexible enough. Apart from the quality of products they may purchase in such stores, the couple do not have any other relevant plus point.


Why set up a giftlist ?


Some couples prefer to display a money box on the wedding day for guests willing to give money contribution and congratulation cards. This will enable them to dispose of the money in their convenience. However, some people may judge this practice to be a little rude or seeming demanding to relatives. You are the only one to know if this idea will be acceptable to your guests or not and how to follow etiquette rules.


Little story of the wedding list


The ancient story of wedding list goes back to the Middle-age. Traditionally, guests would buy goods and store them in the parents house few days before the the wedding day. Then, the gifts would be displayed at the reception venue on the wedding day.

Later on, some wealthy families would even publish the wedding list in the newspaper mentioning donors and the amount they have offered.  But for evident reasons of rules of polite society, this practice has been abandoned.


Ethical Wedding List

Ethical wedding list with Ameliste

Do you think
that you already have everything you need in terms of home furniture and would like to take the opportunity of your wedding to do something useful?  You could consider setting up a socially responsible wedding list in order to give financial support to your favourite charity.



Include your Honeymoon in your gift list


Bora Bora viewInstead of  simply specifying the cost of your overall honeymoon, you can break down the travel of your dreams into specific portions for which guests can make contributions as follow :

● To go ticket  x 2

● Return ticket  x 2

● 1 Transportation to the airport. (You can also ask one of your close friends to estimate the total cost for your rides. This also an option made possible with the universal wedding list)