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Little story of the wedding list


The ancient story of wedding list goes back to the Middle-age. Traditionally, guests would buy goods and store them in the parents house few days before the the wedding day. Then, the gifts would be displayed at the reception venue on the wedding day.

Later on, some wealthy families would even publish the wedding list in the newspaper mentioning donors and the amount they have offered.  But for evident reasons of rules of polite society, this practice has been abandoned.

The first bridal registry was created in 1924 in the United States by the department store Marshal Fields. The idea of the bride creating a list of products that she and her soon-to-be new husband would need after they were married, and hence giving her friends and family an idea of what she wanted was a winning situation both for the store and for brides everywhere. The next big step in the history of the bridal registry didn't occur until sixty-nine years later in 1993 when Target got a really grand idea. With the advantage of the internet and shopping online, Target came up with the idea of the online bridal registry.
Today, wedding list registry has became one of the highlights of planning a wedding. The practice of buying gifts is now an opportunity for relatives to congratulate the married couple and help them set up home. In the past few years the traditional concept of the bridal registry has evolved. Since 2005, there is a new generation of wedding list called universal wedding list by the initiator, which makes it even more easier.

This is a flexible and free service. With this option, no obligation to purchase from a restricted list of vendors and also with the additional possibility to refund the total amount of donations made by guests. This is a clever mix of money box option and the traditional wedding list. And for sure, this type of list adapted to couples of these days will be successful!