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Why set up a giftlist ?


Some couples prefer to display a money box on the wedding day for guests willing to give money contribution and congratulation cards. This will enable them to dispose of the money in their convenience. However, some people may judge this practice to be a little rude or seeming demanding to relatives. You are the only one to know if this idea will be acceptable to your guests or not and how to follow etiquette rules.

Others may think they can get without registering a wedding list, saving the couple from the embarrassment of handling a list and let their guests make the special gift of their choice. This can be a recipe for disaster however, as people may give items that you don't really need, want or even worst getting stuck with duplicate items.

This is why many engaged couples choose to register their whishes, since it is so easy now to do so at any online registry service or with department stores. Using wedding gift services is becoming increasingly common, and nobody would be surprised about this choice.  The bridal registry is a wonderful option designed to make life easier for couples and for guests to know exactly the expected presents. This will also save them time from visiting many stores to find the perfect gift that is supposed to please the wedding couple.