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Where to register your wedding list ?

Internet gift list registryDepartment Stores

Registering with a single product company is still a very popular form of setting up a wedding list, even though this option is not flexible enough. Apart from the quality of products they may purchase in such stores, the couple do not have any other relevant plus point.


Usually Department stores will provide you a payment card valid for one year after the wedding to purchase your gifts. Over this period of time, some majors stores will offer you to load a part of the remaining money contribution, charging you fees for not being able to spend all the money within that one year and others do not give anything back.

Another point to consider is that, very often you are not allowed to benefit from promotional discounts or sales on items from your list, which is too bad in view of the considerable prices in those kind of shops as they supply products of good quality that can last for many years.

Finally, Department stores only allow you to make up your list from their stock or sometimes from affiliated vendors. So if you wanted to include a fine china from competitor stores, you would have to buy it on your own or register at many stores.


On the Internet

The second form a wedding list can take, which is becoming very popular today is the online wedding list, more flexible and easy to use. (Department stores also provide online service in addition to manage your gift list over the phone or by visiting their store under the conditions mentioned above). Future couples can make their selection browsing around many stores as they like or compile the list from a catalogue . The greatest advantage of this alternative is that whether you or your guests can follow the evolution of the list: you can make changes whenever you want, describe and display photos of the items you wish to receive. With department stores you only receive your gifts and a list of wrelated gift-givers after your wedding, to enable you to send thank-you notes. For online bridal registry, it's also possible to make gifts over the telephone or fax for those who don't have internet access. 

However, on the Internet, there is a full range of diverse and unequal gift registry services, with certain stores charging you for each transaction processed for your list.

In order to help you make the suitable choice and be aware of traps to avoid, please check the following guide before making your mind on your gift list registry service:

● Is there any cost for opening and closing the wedding list ?

● Can I make my purchase wherever I want or am I bind to a list of affiliated vendors  ?

● Is it compulsary to make my purchase within a certain period of time ?

● What are the advantages I can benefit from (vouchers, delivery...) ?

● Can I benefit from sales period or promotional offers on items from my wedding list without additional fees?

● Can I refund the amount of money contributions without any obligation to purchase? If so, do I have to pay for this service? 

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