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How to set up a wedding list ?

Newly weds opening their wedding gifts

The main piece of sage advice is to make sure you register your wish list at least four months ahead. Once your invitation cards have been posted (approximately three months before),  your guests will contact you to accept or decline your invitation and will ask you if you have registered a wish list. Therefore, your wedding list must to be done.  Some couples directly insert a card with all details about the bridal registry in their invitations,  which will save you from answering several time the same question. It is up to you to know how to handle the situation, in particular with older relatives. 


Determine the profile of your couple :

● Are you a young couple still living with your parents ? If this is the case, the items you may need will be to set up home. Tableware, electrical appliances, linen ... some wedding list registries can also suggest you a sample list with all the basics that you will need with the possibility to arrange it at your convenience.

● Do you already have all necessary household items ? Some bridal registries may offer the new concept of universal list. This option will enable you to include ANY items that comes to your mind . Would you like to collect money contributions towards mortgage down payment, a car, honeymoon of a lifetime that you couldn't afford before or support a charity ? It's an original way to stand out from the traditional registries and suit your own personality and needs.

Make sure to select more items than the number of the guests you expect to receive. First of all because there might be some people who will not attend your Big Day but may want to make a gift anyway. Also, don't forget to keep your guests in mind and insert items that your friends and family will love to please you with.  The most important is to compile your gift list with items in a wide variety of price ranges. You may insert many items of the average budget of your relatives and expensive ones as well, with a small description of why you need this special object for. Thus, you will edit and share a very personal wish list.

As your relatives would like to know for what particular item they have helped you for, they would prefer to select a specific gift. If you have chosen to include a honeymoon in your wish list for example, be sure to split it out into various spending units.