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Traps to avoid

Wedding list creation

Are you
about to get married and want to register your wedding list? There is a full range of gift registry services who offer to handle your wedding list on your behalf. However, the costs of opening a gift list can vary a lot from a company to another. It's very important to choose the right  professional  to manage your wedding list and contributions from your guests and provide  a service that equals the importance of your Event.

1 – Be sure your wedding registry is reliable

First of all, a website that offers you to manage your gift list will have to handle your money.

In the current financial context,  which proves the growing risks of lack of transparency, you may be careful and know who you are working with. Many wedding registry companies of this type have been working in this sector for a while and successfully gained the confidence of weds to be and lawmaker:
Confetti Wish list, Nearly Married, Lilac Blue Weddings, Onslow and Ridley, The Wedding Shop...

Therefore, in the past few months increasing number of forgeries have occurred, imitating the existing companies. They display fake testimonials on their homepage and on forums dedicated to wedding singing the praises of  their service in order to gain the confidence of weds to be. So be very watchful. Do not entrust any company.

2 – Traceability

Items you have chosen to compile your wedding list and changes of their prices should be shown in transparency as well as commercial practices. You should be completely aware of operations made for your convenience. Some companies do not hesitate to push up the value of an item you have chosen in order to earn commission without you nor your guests knowing it. Pay good attention to how your gift registry makes profit from his service.

3 – Use and protection of personal information

Beware that many companies may be interested in selling your personal data on the market. Your guests personal data is also concerned. If you wish to protect yourself and your guests details, be sure you make the choice of a company that will not sell the information you have provided on their website. You will avoid being overwhelmed with unwanted promotional emails.

4 – The quality of service

In the specific framework of weddings, the online wedding list providers should offer you further advantages than simply manage the gift list on your behalf: cheerful phone reception, advice, easy and simple tools to design and display your list. You have to work with a professional who will be able to help you and your guests in order to take the most of the service. The wedding list is a very demanding type of service: personal consultancy to your guests and relatives, able to track communication exchanges,  a user section are such elements to take into account.

5 – Choose the suitable alternative

There is no good or bad form of wedding gift list. The most important is to choose the option that suits you best.

There are three main trends of wedding list registry:

Department stores (Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, House of Fraser...) Major stores that provide a wedding gift list service and you make up your gift list from their stock.

Multiple Stores registry (Confetti Wish list). They allow you to make purchases in a large range of affiliated stores.

The universal wedding list (Ameliste). You are not bind to any list of vendors. You can refund 100% of your contibutions free of charge on your personal account and use it at your convenience.