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5 questions to ask a gift list registry...

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Today, many engaged couples opt for online gift list solutions which is more flexible and more convenient. With the use of modern technology facilities, weds to-be can compile their gift list from the comfort of their own home if they don't have time to go shopping around. The good thing with this option is that you can follow the evolution of your wedding list whether it is to know what gift has already be offered or update your list. Guests will have an accurate idea of your gift wishes with photos and descriptions. And for those who don't have Internet access, they may do it by fax or over the phone. However, wedding list services are not the same on the Internet, some wedding gift list companies charge a transaction fee for each wedding contribution from guests.

Here is a guide to help you make your choice

Questions to ask your gift list supplier before making up your mind:

1. Is there any fee for setting up or closing a wedding list ?

2. Can I  purchase wherever I want or am I linked to a vendors' list ?

3. Do I have to make my purchase within a certain period of time ? Can I take advantage of promotional periods on items from my gift list without additional fees ?

4. Can I refund 100 % of contributions made from my gift list without any obligation to purchase ?

5. In case my guests want to make contributions with a credit card, who will pay for the transaction fees?

Here is Ameliste's answer :

1. Ameliste doesn't charge you for either opening or closing your wedding list. Our Service is provided free of charge.

2. No bind to a particular list of vendors. You only need to display an image of items or services you wish to receive, and we shall include it on your ameliste. No limitation: this is the concept of the universal wedding list!

3. You have no restriction of time with Ameliste. The amount of your contributions is transferred to your personal account, then you will have endless possibilities of how to use the value of your cash gifts . With our gift list registry, you are not linked to any retailer with exorbitant prices, you may absolutely purchase from the retailer of your choice, whenever you want, wherever you want, on sales or in discount specialist stores.

4. Ameliste returns total of money collected to newly weds with no obligation to purchase !

5. Nether there is a cost for your guests to make contributions nor for you to use our service as we earn from commission received from the companies we work with! As it already costs a great amount of money to organize a wedding, the engaged couple's budget is quiet tight if everything has to be perfect. The wedding gift list shouldn't be an additional cost to tackle .