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Wedding list examples: How to make a wedding gift list unique to your couple?

Setting up a wedding list is a daunting task for all couples. It's not easy to compile a list of a 100 to 200 gifts you would like to receive even if it's sounds very exiting! There are different types of wedding lists according to each couple. The good thing about Ameliste is that you really compile your list with any items and make your wedding list as unique as you are! Here are few examples of wedding lists to give an idea of how your wedding list could look like.


Sample Wedding Lists


Honeymoon wedding list

The honeymoon getaway is also an important part of the wedding. Usually after all the spendings of the wedding planning, couples cannot afford the honeymoon they have dreamed of. Another reason why honeymoon giftlists are very popular is that these days, couples get married later than before. Most of them have been living together for many years before getting married, so they don't really need home furniture. The honeymoon list is the perfect option to have a travel of a lifetime.

Setting up home

This is the most common type of wedding list type. Traditionally, newly weds receive items to help them set up home with household items they will uses in their everyday life. Guests also like the idea of contributing to both the bride and groom's new life needs. There is always new products you would need for your home. Whether it is kitchenware, household appliances, bedding, garden accessories, fine china, electronics, home decors you will always find an idea to make it even more welcoming and warm.

Health & Entertainment list

As life goes on, you both have your carrier settled and very stressful. Your wedding could be a good chance to help you take good care of your health and take time for entertainment and a wonderful way to start your married life. You could think of planning several health retreat during the year to help both the bride and groom release, especially few days before the wedding day and have a fabulous look! It's also important to continue having entertaining activities with your hubby.

Gifts by colors

A wedding list can be as unique as the couple with the concept of flexible gift list registry of Ameliste. You are free to list your dream gifts and make your wedding list look attractive. This is another idea of wedding list inspiration picked from real couple wedding lists on the website of Ameliste. The couple have simply chosen to arrange items by colors. This gave a very nice look to gift list, and it was a good idea! It's up to you now to make the wedding list to match your needs, your limit is your imagination!