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Why set up a giftlist ?


Some couples prefer to display a money box on the wedding day for guests willing to give money contribution and congratulation cards. This will enable them to dispose of the money in their convenience. However, some people may judge this practice to be a little rude or seeming demanding to relatives. You are the only one to know if this idea will be acceptable to your guests or not and how to follow etiquette rules.


Little story of the wedding list


The ancient story of wedding list goes back to the Middle-age. Traditionally, guests would buy goods and store them in the parents house few days before the the wedding day. Then, the gifts would be displayed at the reception venue on the wedding day.

Later on, some wealthy families would even publish the wedding list in the newspaper mentioning donors and the amount they have offered.  But for evident reasons of rules of polite society, this practice has been abandoned.


Include your Honeymoon in your gift list


Bora Bora viewInstead of  simply specifying the cost of your overall honeymoon, you can break down the travel of your dreams into specific portions for which guests can make contributions as follow :

● To go ticket  x 2

● Return ticket  x 2

● 1 Transportation to the airport. (You can also ask one of your close friends to estimate the total cost for your rides. This also an option made possible with the universal wedding list)