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Ethical wedding list with Ameliste

Do you think
that you already have everything you need in terms of home furniture and would like to take the opportunity of your wedding to do something useful?  You could consider setting up a socially responsible wedding list in order to give financial support to your favourite charity.


As we are all concerned about environmental impact on the Earth,  Ameliste has decided to share this new concept with you. We are now in partnership with many humanitarian charities and international organizations which you may consult in our charity directory. All you need to do is include the charity you are passionate about in your wedding list and ask your guests to contribute. Ameliste will then transfer the amount you would like to offer to the charity send you the records for income tax purposes*

Ameliste also has layout tools to help you explain to your guests, your decision to raise fund to support that special charity and how good you think they will use this money.

Find the best way to share your love, and keep a wonderful memory of your green wedding as serving the Earth !

Example of an eco-friendly blog

Select organic products or sustainable materials

Useful information : The Ethical wedding list service that Ameliste provides  is only a tool to help collect money for your chosen charity. Thus, guests will make their donations towards the charity from your gift list. As such, only the couple will receive record of donations. If a guest wishes to receive donation record to claim tax relief, we invite them to donate directly on the website of the chosen charity to support them.

*Donations to charity are tax deductible expenses. These donations can reduce your taxable income and lower your tax bill. Not everyone will be able to deduct their charitable contributions, however.Your chosen charity could also claim extra income on your donation from the government, and benefit from tax exemptions or relief. These tax incentives are only available for UK taxpayers making gifts to UK charities. Depending on the type of gift you make, you may have to make a claim to receive the tax relief (either on your Self Assessment return or by writing to or telephoning your own tax office).