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Planning Checklist Save the date etiquette

Save the date etiquette

Rules and etiquettes for save the date cards

Usually, save-the-date cards are made with two sheets. Each sheet correspond to each set of the bride and groom's family. The sheet that should come first, should be the one about the closest family to the guest. The paper that is often used is vellum paper in ivory shade. As far as the text color is concerned, it is usually written in black and beautiful script.Bride with a stationery in her hands



  • Bride/ Groom's parents
  • Bridal couple hosting
  • Children announcing parents' wedding
  • Divorced parents
  • Widowed mother
  • Including a quote
  • Example of wedding quotes
  • The invitation card is enclosed to save-the-date cards made up with the same paper and printing, in the envelop.

    Traditional wording for invitations :

    (Click on the link to view the wording example)



    Addressing invitations

    According to traditions, wedding announcements were sent out in names of the bride's surviving grand parents when it's the case. Their name was followed by the parents' name. It is good to mention if one of them has a formal title such as Dr, Lieutenant, corporal, and the most impressive title always comes first.

    If the bride's parents are divorced, the firstname and the maiden name of the mother come first and then, the full name of the father. In case one of the  the bride's parent remarried, the name of the stepfather can be also mentioned if wanted.

    When one of the bride's parents is deceased, the name of the surviving parent should  not be mentioned with the word "widowed" to be proper. For example if it is a widowed mother, the invitation card should simply be issued with her deceased husband name preceded by "Mrs".

    Last point on the wedding announcement stationery, the writing etiquette rule is that all titles should be written out. Abbreviations are rarely used in invitations except for Mr.

    As far as the wedding reception is concerned, the wording of the invitations is handled by the ones who host the reception. Usually it is the family of the bride who is in charge of paying the festivities. Therefore, the name of the bride's mother is commonly written on the invitation line as follow: "Mrs Karen Sinclair request the pleasure of your company..." Obviously, the mother will receive in her maiden name if she is divorced.

    In case it is both set of parents who are footing the bill, the name of the two mothers can be mentioned on the invitations. However, it is always the name of the bride's mother that appears on the first line of the invitation cards. The couple may want to issue the invitations in their name, but as long as the parents are alive, they properly do the inviting to the feast.

    Finally, don't forget to request "RSVP before ... date... "on the invitation card. However, this option is not required for save-the-date cards as any answer is expected.