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Planning Budget


5 ways to cut your wedding budget!

Ideas for a cheap wedding

When it comes to the wedding budget, not many people want to pay close attention. The fact is, weddings can be expensive, but it is also possible to plan budget weddings that are as beautiful and as beneficial to the couple. The key is to learn how to create a cheap wedding, cut down costs and still have the most memorable experience possible. How much you spend depends on a variety of factors, including the overall goals you have, your budget and your desire not to go into too much debt prior to getting married.


Who pays for what?

Wedding expensesTraditionally, the bride's family would foot the whole wedding bill. Therefore, things have changed. Today, the spendings are shared by both sets of parents and couples participate in the spendings depending on their financial situation. With this option, they are in better position to have a say and monitor the event although their parents are involved in spendings. It's quite difficult for everyone, but when everything has been coordinated in advance, it makes the wedding planning experience much more enjoyable. 


Wedding Budget

Make your Wedding budgetThe average budget for a wedding is 17300 pound. We can understand why wedding industry is flourishing and that a great number of wedding suppliers promise you the best wedding ever.

It's also very difficult to have an idea of the average price for the items. Costs usually spiral out of control, so in order to help you stick in your budget, please consider the estimates below:

We can notice that most spendings go into three main categories: the bride and groom's outfits (approximately 20%), the ceremony (approximately 20%), the reception (approximately 60%). And finally the honeymoon for around 2000 pound.