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Planning Budget Who pays for what?

Who pays for what?

Wedding expensesTraditionally, the bride's family would foot the whole wedding bill. Therefore, things have changed. Today, the spendings are shared by both sets of parents and couples participate in the spendings depending on their financial situation. With this option, they are in better position to have a say and monitor the event although their parents are involved in spendings. It's quite difficult for everyone, but when everything has been coordinated in advance, it makes the wedding planning experience much more enjoyable. 


Expenses for the bride's family

● the wedding dress, bride's accessories and bridal fashion

● Bridesmaids' outfits

● invitations, announcements, thank-you notes

● the caterer

● flowers decorations ( Church, reception hall and car arrangements)

● photographer and/or videographer

● Car rental for the newly weds

● thank-you gifts

● guests' accommodations


Expenses for the groom's family:

● wedding rings

● groom's tuxedo and accessories

● Reception location fees

● bride's bouquet

● officiant's fee

● Unexpected costs

● First night hotel

● Honeymoon travel & accommodation

● guests' accommodations


This wedding cost estimate is only a guide and it depends on you to arrange it according to your financial situation. We believe that it's absolutely essential to set up an affordable budget. It's important not ending up facing unplanned debt.

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