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Planning Budget 5 ways to cut your wedding budget!

5 ways to cut your wedding budget!

Ideas for a cheap wedding

When it comes to the wedding budget, not many people want to pay close attention. The fact is, weddings can be expensive, but it is also possible to plan budget weddings that are as beautiful and as beneficial to the couple. The key is to learn how to create a cheap wedding, cut down costs and still have the most memorable experience possible. How much you spend depends on a variety of factors, including the overall goals you have, your budget and your desire not to go into too much debt prior to getting married.

Planning a Wedding on a Budget

There are several things you can do to find success in planning a wedding on a budget. It starts with understanding your overall goals and needs. The following tips can be helpful.

    1Pare down the size of the wedding. Instead of inviting everyone you know, make it more of an intimate experience. It can be just as memorable, but without as many people, the costs are considerably lower.


    2Consider less expensive days for weddings. For example, planning in the summer often costs more than a wedding in the winter due to the demand on venues. You may also wish to get married on a Friday rather than on a Saturday. It may also be possible to select other days of the week at a lower cost.


    3When it comes down to it, budgeting is an important factor. Be sure that the budgeting you do is within your goals not only for the wedding but also for after you are married. Starting out your married life in debt is not the goal. Put a budget in place with a wedding coordinator, if possible. Though you do have to pay for their services, you may end up paying less overall because they have inside connections to suppliers who offer a lower cost.


    4Make it less formal. A formal wedding is far more expensive than one that is not formal. An informal wedding in the garden may be just what you want and need. Determine the level of formality you are willing to use for your special day.


    5Find a venue that is a family member’s home. Get catering service from a family friend instead of a larger company. Discuss the options for a hand me down dress, perhaps your mother’s that offers a sentimental touch to the wedding. By taking steps to find lower cost options for each aspect of the wedding, you can keep the costs far lower and still have the level of wedding you are after.

The wedding costs UK brides and grooms are paying range from very low to very high. You can find and create budget weddings, though, that accommodate your needs. Your wedding is one day, though a very special one. Your lifetime together, without a lot of debt over your head, may be far more important to you. Carefully consider the options and benefits of having a cheap wedding, cut down costs and to still have the wedding of your dreams. It can happen.