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Thank-you cards

You have received plenty of gifts for your wedding and you can't wait to use all your new accessories or try your stunning most advanced espresso machine... One of the best parts of the wedding is ripping through all your wedding gifts. Even though you are still in the euphoria of the wedding, beware not to forget your final but very important task: thank-you notes! Of course your attendees  and gift-givers  know that you will take little time to rest after returning from your honeymoon.Therefore don't make them wait too long, for fear to be regarded as an ungrateful couple...


If you want to follow the perfect wedding etiquette of thank you notes, it is essential  to keep track of all gift- givers and attendees. Some of your relatives may send you congratulation cards, or gifts even though they didn't  attend the celebrations. They shouldn't be forgotten either. The best way to avoid this would be to keep a written record of the proper names and addresses of all your guests, who attended (or not) and present they have given. If you organize yourself well, you will be able to send personalized thank you cards mentioning the name of the gift and how useful it will be in your life as a married couple.

The least you can do for your generous gift-givers is handwrite a personalized and warm thank you note. They would surely appreciate a special attention as they may have spend some time to choose the right gift for you.

Different types of wedding thank you cards

Usually, the choice of your thank you cards is made at the same time you order the invitations. You could try to choose matching thank you cards and invitations, coordinated with your wedding theme, it could be a nice touch.
Thank you box with a picture of the couple and a paper rose
Another idea that your photographer could suggest you is to make thank-you cards illustrated with a photo of the couple and the particular guest on the wedding day. This will surely delight and impress your gift-givers. Unfortunately, this solution is one of the most expensive, but it would be a gesture of sincere appreciation and a nice souvenir for your guests to keep.
In case you have already went over your wedding budget, maybe you would prefer a less expensive solution by making your own thank you cards.

Make things easier with Ameliste

As newly married couples can confirm, it is very easy to always postpone to a later time sending out your thank-you cards. After your special day, life will continue with a lot of things to do and a very busy agenda. Therefore, it might be complicated to find time to write personal note to 200 guests after all you have suffered while preparing the wedding.
This is why Ameliste have developed a thank you card online service in order to make everything easier for you. In fact, from your personal pages on Ameliste, you can follow up your cash contributions from your guests up-to-date and thank your guests as soon as they make gifts from your wedding list. This is a very practical option that would make you save some time and money.  As guests are always worried to know if you have received their cash contributions, it will solve many problems at the same time: having a prompt thank you note acknowledging the gift will reassure your guests and give them the feeling that you really care and appreciate their support; avoid you to send 200 cards at the same time or forget some people.
All you need to do is select the gift-givers you want to thank from the list of contributors and send them a personalized thank you note witch will reflect more specifically your emotions when receiving their gifts.
If you want more information on this service, please go to "Add a thank you card" from your personal pages.

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