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Planning Checklist How to make your wedding planning flow smoothly?

How to make your wedding planning flow smoothly?

coupleWhen planning your perfect wedding, most brides find themselves making a lot of lists. On your original list, you will include everything that you could possibly want to make your big day special. Eventually, the dreams on the list are whittled down due to something that suits your budget and the logistics of your wedding, and you end up with all you need for a perfect day.

Your wedding list could include ideas for the perfect wedding dress, or, for those with a larger budget, ideas on who would be the ideal designer for your dress. Many brides are keen to include the latest trends, to ensure an original design. Hot trends going into 2011 include vintage style wedding dresses and traditional fabrics with embellishments such as beading.


Other items on your wedding list could be locations for the reception, or even locations for the whole check listwedding. Don’t forget that many stately homes, hotels, and even more unusual venues that you think would be ideal for your wedding reception will also have licenses for civil ceremonies. Once you’ve thought about the day itself, why not make a list of the options for your perfect honeymoon?

Including the wedding party in your wedding decisions and getting family and friends to help with decorating can help to make them feel more a part of the proceedings, and is a cost-effective option for brides on a budget.

Delegating tasks to the wedding party also helps to take the pressure off the happy couple, keeping your stress levels to a minimum as the big day looms closer. Allowing family and friends to organise the wedding cake, or even the wedding flowers, means that you will have more time to prepare yourself for your happy day. You can still advise them with colour schemes, but allowing a little piece of the day to be someone else’s responsibility can make the whole occasion flow more smoothly.