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Planning Checklist 10 innovative tips to help you plan an inspired, trendy wedding

10 innovative tips to help you plan an inspired, trendy wedding

Each wedding season strikes us by the amount of imaginative projects renewing in resourceful ways the time-honored tradition of getting married. Unfortunatly, one often happens upon the most extraordinary idea, after the party's been given, leaving us frustrated to have known too late… But fortunately today, you are guaranteed to not miss a thing ! We took care of listing every remarkable trends certain to spark up your weeding day ! wedding dresses, invitations, Room or hall make over, pictures … You will be aware of all you need to know to ovoid a wedding faux pas !

Accessoires de mariage tendance

1. The proper accessory

This year most sought after man's accessory is no doubt the wooden bow tie. Wearing one would even be more like setting the trend than following it, so avant-garde it is ! The groom can't go wrong with suspenders which are both trendy and vintage and could be fun too. Out with the big hair or "mother of the bride" blow dried hair for the bride to be, In with romantic hazy hair down or beautifully plaited hair adorned with fresh or artificial flowers.

Photos de mariage originales

2. Strike the pose, any when, any way, any where

The importance of memories in shape of pictures can never be emphasized enough. Nowadays couples can stage themselves in their engagement pictures photo shoots, creating scenes of a mood of their choosing to be remembered forever. They can also rent a professional photo studio for a hen or stag party with their friends. For the wedding itself you can obviously rely on the classic professional photographer's pictures or you can ask your guests for their artistic contribution providing your friends with different means to express their talent and have fun : a photo call with backgrounds of your choosing, Photo Booth rented for the day, or the more ordinary throwaway cameras on each guests table… And, after the wedding, the most daredevils of our brides and grooms can put on their sumptuous attires and have one last trash the dress outstanding photo shoot !

3. The art of saving your dress as a keepsake

For the brides who are not at all tempted by the "trash the dress " fad but who would rather consider their dress as an heirloom to be passed on to futur generations, there is now a revolutionary method to keep your dress in pristine condition. This specific technique implemented in France by "j'aime ma robe" has a bright futur ahead of it, and a place in the heart of all vintage lovers. Keeping heirlooms is trendy indeed.

De la couleur dans la tenue de mariage

4. Embrace Color !

We cannot thank Jessica Biel enough for ditching the time-honored white dress to marry Justin Timberlake and rehabilitating the pink dress. Color is back with a vengeance on wedding attires and some of you will even pull off the pink neon dresses ! The groom has also a choice of skye blue suits if he feels that the classic pale grey jacket is a thing of the past.

5. Vintage Galore !

Vinyls are back to rock and roll your wedding invites, place mats, the cake stand, and all the wedding paraphernalia you'll need on your big day. As far as wedding transportation's concerned, we fell in love with the blue wagon, a charming 1958 Renault Galion, renovated by its driver, a bonafide vintage car lover.

Tendance mariage vintage et DIY

6.You'll do it yourself

Wedding blogs and websites are flooding the web with tutorials and tips, and we love browsing them. Tutorials are fantastic when one's on a budget or when one wants to be creative or wants to show off some cool new ideas. Don't we all ! Pedestals of wedding cupcakes, wedding jewelry, napkin rings… We love hand crafted, creative everything and even want more !

7. We're having a winter wedding

More and more brides and grooms are seduced by the charms of the winter season allowing for cosy cabins in the mountain and lots of curling in front of a fireplace. Many wedding dresses designers hopped on the northern train and are offering more and more winter dresses collection and cosy accessories perfect for winter temperatures. Ladies, what about switching your strappy sandals for fur-lined boots courtesy of UGG's special new line !

Mariage à l'étranger et en hiver

8. We're getting married abroad

Some of you, will choose to make their wedding special by exporting it out of their actual borders. Wether it be a posh Las Vegas wedding or a celebration in a riad in Marrakech, getting married is the best excuse for a change in scenery and for an intimate party with few chosen ones.

9. Innovative wedding gifts

The brides and grooms are freeing themselves from the usual gifts on offer in every stores. They want to be able to be artistic and expressive in their wedding gifts lists, choosing gifts that they find inspiring. Some are choosing to be gifted air miles to be used on their honey moon trip, some choose hours of house cleaning for the sake of equality. Lovebirds would love a four sleeves blanket, or they will want to have their love story written by a professional biographer…

Cadeaux originaux et liste de mariage libre

10. Getting an innovative wedding list

Ameliste offers a new generation wedding list that allows real freedom of gifts for the bride and groom. You can create any list of gifts. Ameliste is a very secure and extremely convenient way of providing your guests with a wedding gifts list. More on the subject

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