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Planning Procedures Wedding invitations : the courteous yet enticing way

Wedding invitations : the courteous yet enticing way

A lovely wedding invitation for your lovely guestsYou've settled for a date and now just want your friends and familly to know and share in the joy. Here are some helpful tips to make a polite and enticing announcement of your very special day.


Save THE date !

Sometimes a couple might sent a "Save the date card" instead of an invitation. But these are two different things. A "save the date" card is (as you might have guessed from its name) is a card asking the futur guests to save the date, write it down on their calendar, so they will make time in their busy schedules to be sure to be available for you on that very day. It can be sent 6 month before hand but does not have to give the exact time and place your guests will have to be at, on the very day. That would be the job for the wedding invitation…

The wedding invitation, what you want to know...

Once you have your guest list down to a tee, roughly 2 or 3 month before the wedding, you are able to send the invitations and notices announcing the celebration. Usually, the invitation is worded so as to let know that the parents of the bride are announcing the wedding of their daughter. But, in case the couple is footing the bill of their own wedding, it is then acceptable that the announcement might be made in their name alone. To the notice announcing the ceremony can be added a matching card inviting the guests to the wedding dinner or celebration. Both cards can be sent together, enclosed in the same envelope.

It is important to make sure that the correct contact number shows in the invitation so that your guests can contact you and tell you how glad they would be to be there on your happy day. You can also add a line asking for an « RSVP before the… ». Some even join an RSVP card to the invitation so the guest just have to tick the yes or no box before sending it back to you

It can be thoughtful to enclose a map pointing at the different places the guests will have to be at (town hall, réception hall, church…) on the day. It is also possible to add a little list of the accommodations available nearby, the famillies with children will, no doubt, be appreciative of your consideration.

There will be more articles about the wedding etiquette to follow. We would not want your wedding to be lacking in proper decorum, would we ?

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