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Example wedding websites

A wedding website for your unforgettable event! Planning a wedding is quiet exiting but also a daunting task. Ameliste offers you to create your personal wedding website to help you communicate on your wedding and keep your guests updated.

These wedding website examples have been made just to help you start your own website. It will give you an idea of how your Ameliste wedding website looks. You can really make something special for your perfect wedding, it's up to you to make something wonderful for your guests to visit.

Your website can be as unique as your couple and there is always a style to fit your personality. If you have special requirement for your website, there is always something we can do help.


Save the date etiquette

Rules and etiquettes for save the date cards

Usually, save-the-date cards are made with two sheets. Each sheet correspond to each set of the bride and groom's family. The sheet that should come first, should be the one about the closest family to the guest. The paper that is often used is vellum paper in ivory shade. As far as the text color is concerned, it is usually written in black and beautiful script.Bride with a stationery in her hands




Thank-you cards

You have received plenty of gifts for your wedding and you can't wait to use all your new accessories or try your stunning most advanced espresso machine... One of the best parts of the wedding is ripping through all your wedding gifts. Even though you are still in the euphoria of the wedding, beware not to forget your final but very important task: thank-you notes! Of course your attendees  and gift-givers  know that you will take little time to rest after returning from your honeymoon.Therefore don't make them wait too long, for fear to be regarded as an ungrateful couple...




Get organized!!

A wedding is a very special event which has to be planned correctly. We have designed a wedding organization advice for you so that you don't get overstressed. Plan and organize a stress-free wedding day with our checklist below:


5 ways to cut your wedding budget!

Ideas for a cheap wedding

When it comes to the wedding budget, not many people want to pay close attention. The fact is, weddings can be expensive, but it is also possible to plan budget weddings that are as beautiful and as beneficial to the couple. The key is to learn how to create a cheap wedding, cut down costs and still have the most memorable experience possible. How much you spend depends on a variety of factors, including the overall goals you have, your budget and your desire not to go into too much debt prior to getting married.


Who pays for what?

Wedding expensesTraditionally, the bride's family would foot the whole wedding bill. Therefore, things have changed. Today, the spendings are shared by both sets of parents and couples participate in the spendings depending on their financial situation. With this option, they are in better position to have a say and monitor the event although their parents are involved in spendings. It's quite difficult for everyone, but when everything has been coordinated in advance, it makes the wedding planning experience much more enjoyable. 


Wedding Budget

Make your Wedding budgetThe average budget for a wedding is 17300 pound. We can understand why wedding industry is flourishing and that a great number of wedding suppliers promise you the best wedding ever.

It's also very difficult to have an idea of the average price for the items. Costs usually spiral out of control, so in order to help you stick in your budget, please consider the estimates below:

We can notice that most spendings go into three main categories: the bride and groom's outfits (approximately 20%), the ceremony (approximately 20%), the reception (approximately 60%). And finally the honeymoon for around 2000 pound.


Wedding invitations : the courteous yet enticing way

Lovely wedding invitation for your guestsYou really want your wedding day to be successful and want to treat your guests with the best of social graces. If you have questions on the proper etiquette for such a happy event, we have a series of articles to help you with the wedding protocol. For a start, we will talk about: The invitation.


Getting married in France with Ceremonize Wedding Planner

coupleGetting married in France can be so romantic: in Paris the city of lights, in a chateau or in a villa…

There are so many possibilities to make your dream come true : coming in Paris to elope just the two of you after your wedding reception in your country: like a honeymoon with a romantic blessing ceremony, nice pictures of you two in the streets of Paris and a wonderful French gastronomy dinner.


Destination Weddings: A wedding in Latine America?

 While you are looking for the perfect place to tie the knot for your destination wedding, you will have plenty of choices throughout the world. We have made a selection of best destination wedding spots for unforgettable moments with your guests from North to South America.

 So let's travel through America to find perfect wedding paradise for a perfect wedding!


Civil Ceremony process

If you wish to marry by civil ceremony, this is to say at a register office or other approved building for civil marriage, you should first contact the Superintendent Registrar of the district where you wish to marry. You may marry at any register office or approved premises of your choice in England and Wales. However, for a marriage in an approved premises, you will need to make arrangements at the venue in question. In addition you will need to give a formal notice of your marriage to the Superintendent Registrar of the district(s) where you live.