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My wedding suppliers

 A successful wedding depends on the right choice of wedding suppliers. This section is made up with good advice to help you choose suitable professionals. Ameliste has also designed a wedding directory for you. Some of the listed companies may offer a discount if you have opened a wedding list with Ameliste. Check it out!!

Wedding pictures on and "in" the water

Water-skiing wedding by Jonathan Hayward

Considering the latest illustrated wedding articles, more and more brides and grooms are jumping head first into the water for their photo shoots. It can be for a "trash the dress" session or for arty pictures, fun innovative ones or for the love of the water… Have a look at the pictures we loved, they're pleasant to look at and, who knows, might be a source of inspiration for your own shooting sessions !


Choosing your wedding photographer

Your wedding day that you would have organized carefully months before or even years before will end so fast that you will not realize all what happened. The only way to remember your special day will be to capture all these memorable moments by making an elegant photo reportage or/ and a video of the whole day. Of course your guests might also make photos, but there is nothing better than unnoticeable captures from a professional photographer. It would be too risky to entrust such a delicate task to an amateur friend with a camera as you never know what kind of technical problem he may encounter. Photos and videos from your friends may be useful to complete your wedding album or film and tell a more furnished story of the overall day.


Engagement photo shoot

Engagement photo session, picture by  Ludivine Viguié

The engagement photo shoot is getting more and more popular amongst the brides and grooms to be ! But what exactly is an engagement photo shooting session ? why having one at all ? Here is our answers, complete with pictures of course ...


Easy vintage photo effect for your unique wedding back in time!

Couple vintage américain We are all aware that vintage weddings are very trendy these days! With all designer making a vintage touch on their new wedding dress collections, adding roaring twenties decorations for the reception, all we need now is to make photos with the impression of an aged effect to remember the Big Day!

Many wedding photographers offer the option to have vintage photo effect or stunning photographs in black and white to give a different look to cherish!

If you are to have a vintage wedding, you can also create your own photo album with only vintage effects. We ate Ameliste Weddings have found a very easy tool for you to use and transform your pictures in one click! No need to be a professional photographer or Photoshop expert, it's really simple...


Create your photo book


Wedding photo bookYour photographer has made you a wonderful wedding photo album, but you would love to create your own photo book? Why not making a scrapbook of your wedding photos or a digital photo book ?

If you prefer to cherish your memorable moments on paper photos and you like scrap, you can find many ideas and layouts whether it is on the Internet or in books of scrap booking specialists to design your book.

But if you already have digital photos, you can also feature a wedding photo album on line ! Ameliste Gallery is a FREE download software to create your personalised photo book. No need to be an expert in software system. You only have to choose the place where you want to lay out the photo in your book. Then let your creativity runs and tell your story: add  frames, borders, clip arts, and other special effects that will reflect your own personality.


Your wedding video

Newly married coupleThe wedding video, is increasing in popularity as it is another reminder of your wonderful day apart from photos. There is nothing better than image and sound of your Big Day to bring back these good memories and the ambiance of your unforgettable wedding! You will relive your emotions and even see many things you have missed on that day, as you were too busy being the most important person of the event. As modern technology has improved the quality of the equipment dramatically, the end product is often lavish and will sublimate your remarkable day. When you will visualize this film again and again, you will realize that your wedding was great and that your guests were pleased to share this moment with you.


The reception party: Create your own Playlist !

Disco ball

Are you on a tight budget or simply want to make your wedding unique or even more personal ? You can create your own Playlist !

First of all, make a list of your favorite songs that will honour your special day. Then you have the choice to burn those songs according to the kinds of music or mixed CDs (Pop, Dance, Rock, mellow music for dinner, upbeat music for dancing, etc.) or manage your Playlist directly on your computer, which is easier.

If using CDs, simply make sure that you use the right extension for your music in order to maintain excellent sound quality. One of the most common is the wav format but mp3 is faster to download.


Music entertainment

ViolinAs the wedding reception is the most enjoyable part of the day, you will have to plan the entertainment very carefully if you want to keep your guests dancing all over the night. You haven't decided yet on a DJ, a live band or even making your own playlist? It is up to you to know exactly what will suits you best. However, bare in mind that the music of your wedding reception may cost you approximately  600£ and that you will have to book at least 4 to 8 months in advance. Check our complete guide on wedding suppliers to help you choose the ones who will ensure you a memorable wedding remembered by all your guests.