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The welcome bag revealed

A welcome to our wedding present

The welcome bag revealed ! What is that ? What is it made of ? What do you put inside ?


What about a wedding magician to entertain your guests?

Weddings are magical occasions for all involved but to bring that extra spark of enchantment, you should look into hiring a magician" to perform at your wedding reception. Here are 5 great reasons to hire a magician. Wedding Entertainment Ideas: 5 Great Reasons to Have a Magician at Your Wedding When it comes to organising your wedding party, you have a wide range of options. You could have a simple event or a themed party, perhaps featuring 60s, beach, Bond, or medieval themes. Or you could have a casino or celebrity look a like. As for decor you could feature an ice sculpture or chocolate fountain.


How to make sure your guests will have a good time?

A couple having funYou have a wedding underway and you have already booked for the wedding venue, found your photographer and even your Big Day attire. You may be very excited by this event and there might be many other elements you have to plan before it comes. Everything is now in good progress, you are prepared with food you are going to serve, table plans for your reception, but have you thought about how you will entertain your guests?

Obviously, your wedding will be a memorable day for your closest friends and family, but it's also up to you to make