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Music entertainment

ViolinAs the wedding reception is the most enjoyable part of the day, you will have to plan the entertainment very carefully if you want to keep your guests dancing all over the night. You haven't decided yet on a DJ, a live band or even making your own playlist? It is up to you to know exactly what will suits you best. However, bare in mind that the music of your wedding reception may cost you approximately  600£ and that you will have to book at least 4 to 8 months in advance. Check our complete guide on wedding suppliers to help you choose the ones who will ensure you a memorable wedding remembered by all your guests.

Live Wedding Band

When considering hiring a live band play at your reception, you are making a prestigious choice and ensure to have the excitement of live music. Everybody knows the difference between listening to a CD and going to a live concert! There is nothing better than a band to entertain an outdoor wedding and energize people for dancing. As far as the evening party is concerned, be sure you find the right talented musicians who will provide you a great ambiance all over. If there is no singer, it might be difficult to set the mood from the beginning. However, young people tend to think that hiring an orchestra is old fashion.


As a professional of the dance floor ambiance, the disc jockey will master the list of songs that must be played and know how to keep the party going. Assuming a DJ will have a big variety of musical styles at his disposal, he can adjust his playlist as necessary to please any generation of music. But,  bands are usually considered to be somewhat limited in their song choices. If you make up your mind on a DJ, you might not create the same excitement than if it was a great live band, but at least you will be sure to have what you expected. However don't forget to consider the financial aspect, which is the most important factor in choosing your music option. A band may bring you a lively entertainment, but if you are on a budget, a disc jockey is surely the less expensive.

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