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Entertaining Music The reception party: Create your own Playlist !

The reception party: Create your own Playlist !

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Are you on a tight budget or simply want to make your wedding unique or even more personal ? You can create your own Playlist !

First of all, make a list of your favorite songs that will honour your special day. Then you have the choice to burn those songs according to the kinds of music or mixed CDs (Pop, Dance, Rock, mellow music for dinner, upbeat music for dancing, etc.) or manage your Playlist directly on your computer, which is easier.

If using CDs, simply make sure that you use the right extension for your music in order to maintain excellent sound quality. One of the most common is the wav format but mp3 is faster to download.

If you have chosen to load the songs that you have selected onto a computer, arrange the songs in a cohesive matter of ambiance you want to create and finally, don't forget to save your playlist. You never know! If people dance, they will have an even better time!  With the right music playing, people will dance and stay longer, making the party a success. They could also give you some ideas for wedding songs, through your wedding website if you have created one. You may use simple software as Winamp or Windows Media Player to play your sections. They will enable you to manage and play songs sorted in a specific order or shuffle. You may also download a professional software for your special day.  For example DJ Mix Pro is a free download mixing program, very easy to use. You may choose the songs while it performs by itself, quality cross fading, beat matching mixes between songs. You just have to fill your playlist and it is done ! But be sure you practice before the Big Day!

Few weeks before the wedding day, appoint 2 or 3 of your friends to manage the music during the reception. Make sure you appoint several friends so that they can make shifts and also have fun on the dance floor. You had better choose your closest friends you can count on and have a good knowledge of song varieties. Try and give them your playlist in advance so that they get familiarized to your selection and practice.

Making people have fun all over the party is not an easy task, check out all details to  have a memorable day. Download a copy of the mixing program to your friends so that they may get used to it.

If you need to hire sound equipment, you will have to consider the number of people attending your reception and the size of the venue. If you have chosen to load music on your computer, hire equipment on which you can plug your computer directly.