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Entertaining Photo Choosing your wedding photographer

Choosing your wedding photographer

Your wedding day that you would have organized carefully months before or even years before will end so fast that you will not realize all what happened. The only way to remember your special day will be to capture all these memorable moments by making an elegant photo reportage or/ and a video of the whole day. Of course your guests might also make photos, but there is nothing better than unnoticeable captures from a professional photographer. It would be too risky to entrust such a delicate task to an amateur friend with a camera as you never know what kind of technical problem he may encounter. Photos and videos from your friends may be useful to complete your wedding album or film and tell a more furnished story of the overall day.


How to choose your wedding photographer

Before looking around for a professional photographer, start glancing through several wedding albums to have an idea of what style really suits you. Do you prefer classical shooting? Do you want it to be natural? Do you want to have color, sepia, black& white toned images or a mixture of everything?

Some photographers may offer to add special effects or retouching carried out on the computer to enhance your photographs. Is this the option that would be interesting for you?

Also, think about the specific images that you would like to be part of your album: more romantic shots of you and your husband or pictures with your guests.

Another important point to consider is the photographic coverage that you would prefer: a true reportage style with photos captured as the day unfolds or formal posed shots at the key moment at the registry office and the religious ceremony? 

When you come up with a concrete idea of what you want, you will now have to find the photographer that will provide you with the best photos and meet your requirements.

You should expect to spend at least 700 £ for your wedding photography budget. Usually the price list depends on the range of the packages that may vary according to different factors such as the quantity of photos selected, the time of the reportage and the retouching work.

Make sure you choose a photographer not too far from the wedding venue, knowing that if he has to go far he may charge you additional fees for the transport. Anyway, it's better to have a professional that is near in order to cope with unforeseen eventualities. Furthermore, a photographer from the area will know the good places to make stunning pictures.

Pay attention to what is included in the package: a professional photo album, enlargement poster printing on textured fine art paper or painter's canvas, thank you cards... These services may also contribute to the high prices of professional photographers. Compare carefully the prices, as there are many websites services that can offer to print hard copies at very good prices. For example, instead of ordering picture thank you cards to your photographer, you could consider making several copies designed as post cards on the internet. This alternative might be the cheapest. A last sage piece of advice, ensure you can have the negatives after the wedding. 

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