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Entertaining Photo Engagement photo shoot

Engagement photo shoot

An engagement is a couple mutual love made official, the last step before the life long commitment sealed with the marriage. The lovers wanting keepsakes and souvenirs from their engagement have a professional photographer take pictures of this special time together. Those will be the first official pictures of the lovebirds, or should I say, the spouses to be. This engagement session also called engagement shoot has its own peculiar code and set of guiding rules, setting it apart from the shooting of the wedding pictures or any other lovers' pictures.

How different will it be from your wedding pictures ?

This engagement shoot will be very intimate, the setting being familiar and cozy to the couple, with an overall easy and laid back mood … No need to say, this mood is not easy to come upon on the very day of the wedding. At an engagement shooting , it will be just the photographer and the lovers for an hour or two. Dressed casually, the fiancés will have their picture taken in a meaningful to them setting : it can be where they first met, the places where they like to spent some time together , where they first kissed … When feelings, meaning and decor are thus put together the pictures overall athmosphere is very different from the wedding day.

Anne and Anthony, pictures by Ludivine Viguié

Why having an engagement photo shoot ?

The engagement shoot will possibly be your first encounter with your wedding photographer. You can get to know each other and be more comfortable with one another. From what we've been told, those sessions are good fun and make it easy for the lovers to bond with the photographer. The engagement shoot laid back and intimate atmosphere makes it easy for the photographer to experiment what works for the lovers, to see what personality traits he can emphasize as well as what the star couple is into. All this will make it easier on the wedding day to get pictures to the bride and groom's taste, pictures that will truly be cherished.

On the top of being good prep work for the wedding day, the engagement pictures can make for great wedding invites, they can also be used to illustrate your wedding blog !

Engagement photo shoot at the Trocadero and Foire du Trône, pictures of Benjamin and Brette

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