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Entertaining Photo Wedding pictures on and "in" the water

Wedding pictures on and "in" the water

Water-skiing wedding by Jonathan Hayward

Water is an element that many of you like to link to their wedding… Just have a look at the pictures below to see how this proves true ! The brides and grooms are so inspired and creative in their use of the water for their pictures… Trash the dress session by the see, water skiing and diving in wedding dress and suit… Those make for some innovative and unconventional pictures ! But you can get even more out of the water ! Its unique texture and the way it reflects the light is the mine of gold of any photographer. A water back ground provides a broad range of atmosphere and mood from weird to romantic via just plain fun. No need for an extravagant budget either, you could take some pictures on a small boat or on the see shore… You're sure to have cool effects and great lighting ! Here are some inventive examples of pictures for a water inspired wedding . It will also be important for you and your photographer to be on the same page. Just make sure you talk about what you would like and what type of pictures you're envisioning before hand. A great photographer will always give you a lot of feed back.

On a boat, a barge, a canoe...

Wedding pictures on a lake, in a small boatWedding pictures on a lake, in a small boatBride and groom in a small boatBride climbing in a small boatBride and groom on the Lake of Annecy

Unsual pictures

Bride and groom are water skiingBride and groom lounging in a swimming poolBride and groom kissing at the bottom of the swimming pool holding a frameCouple getting married in an aquarium of a water park

Couples jumping in !

Bride and groom about to get into the seeBride and groom by the water in San FranciscoWedding in the bahamas, bride and groom jumping into the seeVintage style picture, bride and groom about to jump in the see

Arty pictures

Trash The Dress, and the bride becomes a sirenTrash The Dress, bride in the water

Honey mooning

You can still be taking pictures in the water once the wedding day is past if you are planning a honey moon by the water ! Some travel agencies are offering amazing venue and sometimes even rooms on piles !


▲ Pictures taken at the Conrad hotel, Rangali island, Maldives

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