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  Your Wedding website for free

    • Customise your wedding website domain name
    • Create unlimited webpages
    • A built- in chatroom for you and your guests: discuss with your guests and allow them to know each other even before the wedding
    • Upload and share your photos before and after the Big day
    • Create maps and directions for the wedding day schedules
    • Decide when you want to close the wedding list after the Big day


Your Wedding list

    • Flexible wedding list: add gifts from any store
    • Unlimited number of gifts on your wedding list
    • Multi-lingual wedding list: your guests can view your wedding list in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Polish ( this is perfect for multi-cultural couples)
    • Quick and easy wedding list set up with AmelisteClick tool
    • Guests provide you gifts online
    • Email notification each time a guest makes a promise to contribute towards your wedding list
    • Keep track of your gift givers
    • We transfer your contributions on your own bank account
    • Edit and add more items to your wedding list anytime
    • Guests line to help your friends and family in their gift giving process