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FAQ Wedding List & Wedding website
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Why setting up a wedding list ?


When you will come back from your sweet honeymoon, you will finally open your wedding gifts. Each of your guest would like to offer you something really special for this important occasion.

However, the item many people will find special might not be what YOU wish to receive : a beautiful and very rare wall clock, a crystal swan? Not forgetting your two micro waves, 3 sets of plates of 48 pieces each, and its 365 tablecloths, one for each day of the year!!! Would you dare bring your gifts back to the store ?

With Ameliste service, avoid all this stress. Draw your wedding list by compiling all items you would like to receive from any website and use your contribution value as you like. Finally, a wedding list for everyone and for everything !

What items can I add to my wedding list ?


 You can add all items you want from any website on your wedding list, and without any obligation to purchase. The primary concept of our universal wedding list is to help you create a wedding section that really correspond to your personality.

You can also view wedding list examples on our wedding blog demonstrations.

What should I do to enable my guests to make me gifts ?


When you will make a free trial of our service, you will be asked to fill in, sign and send back the contract to publish your wedding list. In fact, when you create an account on, you can choose to make your wedding website live on our website. However, you will have to send us your contract to enable your guests to find your wedding list on our website and make contributions.


Is it mandatory to send back the contract?

 Yes. As we will administrate your cash contributions, we need a written approval from you to manage payment from your gift list. We need to be sure that you are aware of the General  Terms of use of Ameliste services.

How to invite my friends to visit my website?

1 - Log in to your website account

How to invite my friends to visit my website?

 2 - Click on "Spread the word" from your admin menu

How to invite my friends to visit my website?

 3 - Import email addresses from your address book using our tool. You can import contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, America Online, Outlook or Plaxo.
4 - Type in your email addresses and seperate multiple recipients with commas
5 - Enter the subject for your message
6 - Write your invitation wording
7 - Send your mail

How to invite my friends to visit my website?
How can I customize my wedding website domain name?

 Sign in on your administration area. On your right hand side of the page you can see your user menu. Click on "Wedding website" and then on "Change my domaine name. This will determine the url address of your personal website instead of a randomly assigned number.

How to add a post to my site?

1 - Log in to your wedding account

How to add a new webpage ?

 2 - Enter your details

How to add a new webpage?

 3 - Click on the green icon (+) to add a new post to your webpage

How to add a new webpage?

 4 - Insert a title for your post
 5 - Create a webpage category for your post
 6 - Write your text
 7 - Upload an image to your post if you wish
 8 - Save your post for your webpage

How to add a new webpage?

Why and how to make my wedding list publicaly accessible?


If you want to enable your guests to make gifts from your gift list, you will have to make your wedding list visible to them. As long as Ameliste has not received your contract, your wedding list will remain on trial and will not be visible to your guests at this stage.
As soon as Ameliste receives your contract, we will make your wedding list publicaly accessible on
Note that you can continue to create, add, or remove items from your wedding list at all time.

You also have the option to make a private wedding website and wedding list. You can choose this anytime from your Ameliste account section. Please beware that if you choose to make it private, your guests will not be able to find your wedding when searching on our website. Anyone who wishes to access your personal site will need the exact url domain name to view your site.

Do you have sample wedding lists ?


Choose a blank wedding list :
If you want to create the whole wedding list by your own, insert your personalized categories of gifts and the items you wish to include.

You can still select items from the wedding list sample after the creation of your personal wish list.

Choose from a wedding list sample:
If you want to benefit from a ready made gift list , choose the list sample that suits you best.
This first choice is not definitive. You can still add or remove items from the chosen sample at any time.



If you need inspiration, please check this article about sample wedding lists.

How can I display my wedding list ?


A good presentation might be to create several categories of gifts at your convenience and needs. You can also create a category towards your  honeymoon, or according to the rooms in your appartment where the gifts will be used or according to their category ( home décor, appliances furniture, kitchen essentials etc.) From your wedding section, click on "Add a category" then "New ". Fill in the fields "Name of category" and click "Save".


Check our wedding list examples >>

How can I add a welcome message on my wedding list page ?


From your wedding blog, click on "Articles" then create a category name for your homepage. Then add an article which can be your welcome message and the first page your guests will see.
Fill in the text fields and click on "Save" button.
This will be the message your guests will see when connecting to your wedding section.


How Can I display a photo on my wish list welcome page ?


From your Wedding section, click on "Edit" then on "My welcome page".
Click on "Browse..." and search the picture you want on your hard drive.
Click  "Submit".

This will be the image/ photo your guests will see when connecting to your wedding list.

How to add a new item to my wedding list?

1 - Log in to your account

How to add a new item to my wedding list?

 2 - Enter your identification details

How to add a new item to my wedding list*?

 3 - Click on the  green icon (+) in the "Your list" box

How to add a new item to my wedding list?

 4 - Click on the green icon "New" to add a new item

How to add a new item to my wedding list?

 5 - Fill in the form with the name and price for your item.
 6 - Create a category for the item
 7 - Insert the brand or the store for the item
 8 - Add your own description
 9 - Upload the image of the item
10 - Click on "Save" to submit the new item

How to add a new item to my wedding list?

How Can I add or edit the image of an item on my list?


From your wedding account section, click on "Gifts" and then select the item you would like to update.
If you want to add/ update the image of an item, click on the "Browse..." button and search the file on your hard drive.


How Can I delete an item from my gift list?


From your Wedding blog section, check the item you want to delete and then click on the "Delete" button.


How can I delete a category from my wedding list ?


From your Wedding account section, go to "View my list" then on check the category you want to delete.
Click on "Delete" button.


Why the access map is not viewable?

 If you have chosen to display a map of an appointment place or relevant accommodations of the area where your wedding will take place, sign in on your administration area, then on "Access Maps" on the left hand menu. Click on "New" to enter an address and be sure to click on "Fetch coordinates" to find the location on Google Maps.

If you still have problems searching the location, please conact Ameliste Team.

Why thank my gift list contributors?


Send an automatic thank-you card to your gift givers is a must for elementary reasons. Ameliste provides an online thank-you service, and we advise you to send a thank-you note, even if you chose another mean.

In fact, guests are usually worried to know if you have received their money contribution or their gift and could be surprised if they have no answer from you. You can preview your thank-you cards before sending them, you can choose the design, the style and the colors. Ameliste also offers you to manage your thank-you cards from your wedding account area to know exactly to whom you have already sent the message and those which are pending.

When should I thank guests who have provided me with gifts?


With our thank-you card service, you can send thank-you notes to all your guests as long as you receive their contribution or gifts, before and after the wedding. This will enable you to save a lot of time. With another service than the one Ameliste provides to you, you would rather wait after the wedding day to thank them as you will have to order thank-you cards and wait till you receive them.

How can I change my password ?


Log in to your ameliste wedding account, click on "Update profile".
You can update the fields "Username" and "Password" whenever it is neccessary.
  Then click on "Save".


When can I close my wedding gift list ?


At any time. You can manage your gift list exactly the way you want. Our piece of advice would be to keep your gift list open, few months after the wedding. It often happens that guests come back on your gift list to make another gift. Some of your relatives must be late and will be happy to know that your gift list is still open... Don't forget to thank all of your guests.

How can I close my gift list?


Contact Ameliste to notify your wish to close the wedding list.
By any means in your convenience:  e-mail, telephone, post mail.


FAQ Guests
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How to find a wedding list ?


1 - Enter at least 3 characters of bride or groom's name to find the wedding couple

How to change the language of a wedding list?

 2 - Click on " Find a wedding" to start the search

How to change the language of a wedding list?

 3 - A list of couples with this name will show.

The name of the wedding couple and their wedding date will show with the choice to open their wedding list or their wedding website. If you are not able to find a wedding list or website, make sure the couple have made their site visible to the public. If their website is private, then, you will need their site domain name to view the wedding website.Open the wedding list of the couple to contribute from their gift list.

How to change the language of a wedding list?


How can guests change the language of a wedding list?

1 - Enter at least 3 characters of bride or groom's name to find the wedding couple

How to change the language of a wedding list?

 2 - Click on " Find a wedding" to start the search

How to change the language of a wedding list?

 3 - Click on your language to change the main details in your spoken language.

How to change the language of a wedding list?
How can guests with no internet access make contributions?


Our customer service is also available by telephone. Your guests can make contributions over the phone on (+44) 33 06 84 05 40 (national call rate applies). Our customer service team will guide them on the items available on the list. The couple can also print their wedding list in order to send it out to their guests.

What are the payment means accepted ?


Ameliste only accept credit card transactions.

These are the credit cards you can use on this website :


For security reasons, all your transactions by credit card are protected by a security system.

Guests who use credit cards to make their transaction are sure that the couple will receive the donation  very fast.


Is it possible to leave a message to the couple on the wedding list ?


Yes, our wedding list management system allows you to send a wedding congratulation message to the weds-to be. After choosing the item you want to offer the couple from their list, you will be asked to choose your payment mean. Then, you can leave your message.


Do you forward congratulations messages to the couple ?


We forward a congratulation cards to the couple only upon a guest request. Usually, we advise you to send them a message on your own because we don't want to impose this automatic functioning to the weds-to be. However, you can leave your message on line.


Is website secure ?


Sure, all personal data, whether it is of the guests or  the weds to be are protected on our website In both cases, a personal user name is given to each user of website.


What can I do if my credit card transaction is denied?


Transaction checks are made by our bank and the bank of the credit card company involved.  This is an  automatic process. Sometimes credit card companies take longer to approve the transaction, in this case the transaction will have to be "confirmed" first. Generally, transaction are denied because the payment process has not been completed. Ameliste is not involved in the banking precess. We  only notify you the status of the contributions on your list and take appropriate measures.

Of course, when a payment has been denied, you are automatically warned and the promise to donate is cancelled and removed from the wedding list. Nervertheless, the donation will be saved in our wedding list program. At this stage, you could still contact our customer service team to find another solution on  (+44) 33 06 84 05 40 (national call rate applies).

Are my credit card details protected when making a gift ?


Yes. For maximum security, payment by  credit card  are kept safely using SSL-encrypted technology.


How can I cancel my promise to contribute ?


If you want to cancel your promise to contribute to a couple, please contact our customer service team by e-mail at or by phone on (+44) 33 06 84 05 40 (national call rate applies).

FAQ Ameliste
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How can I join Ameliste community ?

Do you want to be  part of Ameliste Forum, share your good ideas, good supplier contacts, or simply want to chat with other brides and grooms? You are very welcome to join us now.

Bonus: Ameliste blog will make everything easy for you, no need to write on your announcement cards where you have registered your wedding list. This is a must from our valuable service. You can send electronic messages to all your firends to spread the word about your wedding list registry.

Ameliste wedding list : How does it work ?


 Ameliste wedding list service is very simple : this is a real wedding list with all  associated services (announcement cards, honeymoon, food and drinks ideas for the reception etc.) which will not cost you too much money.

Ameliste registry is a contribution type wedding list. You compile your list with any item you would like to receive for your wedding and tehn you invite your guests to visit your wedding website. They can select the item they want to give you or simply enter an amount to contribute.

We will collect contributions from your guests and make a bank transfer to your own bank account anytime you need your cash gifts.

Then you have all time to purchase your gifts wherever you want!



What service is provided ?


We provide a complete service of wedding list management : your guests can make money contribution via the Internet, by post mail or telephone. We assist you to manage your wedding. We will send you an email alert everytime you receive contributions from your guests and we will confirm you when the payment is completed. You can also ask to receive monthly reports. We also handle the followup for guests who sometimes forget to send their payment and give telephone support to those who have credit card payment problems.

With Ameliste solution, you solve all your problems about thank-you notes.  Our customer service team will give you and your guests, the best  welcome and always willing to help you if you need technical support. 

How can Ameliste provide a completely free service ?


The way we work, is that we transfer the cost of our services on our partners, not on the future to be married couple nor the guests. In our way of reasoning, the wedding budget is tight enough. The wedding list shouldn't be an additional cost for the couple but it has to be something they can exclusively benefit from!


What does it cost to use your wedding list service?


Ameliste offers you an absolutely FREE service of wedding list registry. If you want further information about our partners fees, please check on the price list brochure from your wedding account section.
As your registration doesn't cost you a penny, do not hesitate to try our service and find out what makes us different.


Who are your affiliated vendors ?


With Ameliste there is no obligation to purchase with affiliated vendors.
You can add absolutely any items to your wedding list, there is no limit.

No matter what product, service or dream honeymoon you would like to receive, you can get it. You can use the services provided by Ameliste, or require a transaction of the entire amount of your contributions to your personal account and purchase your gifts on your own.

After registering, do I have to use the service provided by Ameliste ?


When you register to this service, you are not yet committed to use the wedding list service provided by Ameliste.  This first step only allow you to have access your own wedding website, set up your gift list and discover how it works. As a member, you  will have full access to the management tools. But your wedding wish list is not published on the Internet yet, so your guests will not be able to view it and make contributions.

Do you sell your customer data files ?


No, we will never sell, to an individual or a company unless it is required to  process a delivery or to relevant authorities on request. However, soon to-be married couples and guests may receive promotional offers on Ameliste's services which may be of interest to them.


Is my personal information secure ?


All of your personal information that you will be asked while using our website is kept securely and treated as confidential. We will never sell, to an individual or a company unless it is to  process a delivery or to relevant authorities on request. The use of your personal information will be restricted to the services within our company, Ameliste.

We use your information only for the following purposes:

- to help us manage your gifts from the moment they have been offered to the delivery

- to improve our services to you

Accordingly to the Data Act of 6 January 1978  relative to computers, files and liberties, you have the right to access and update your personal information from time to time.


Support a charity
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How to support a charity from your gift list?

 Choose the charity you want to support. Display the charity among your wish gifts and the amount you want to donate. Your guests will then be able to make their contributions towards this charity. Donations will be directly transferred as a blocked amount to the charity.

FAQ Advertisers
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How to add a listing to Ameliste Wedding Directory?

1 - Click on the "Directory" section

How to add a listing to Ameliste Wedding Directory?

 2 - Click on "Add a listing" to show submission form

How to add a listing to Ameliste Wedding Directory?

3 - Fill-in the form with your company address and information
4 - Upload images of your products or services. This will help you enhance your profile.
5 - Upload each file
6 - Write your company description

How to add a listing to Ameliste Wedding Directory?

7 - Enter the discount you wish to offer to Ameliste customers who have opened a wedding list.
8 - Add other photos here, if the above field did not work.
9 - Upload your company logo as required.
10 - Enter meta description tag and meta keywords tag for a search engine optimization.

How to add a listing to Ameliste Wedding Directory?


11 - Click on the plus box to show the subcategories according to the parent category.

How to add a listing to Ameliste Wedding Directory?


12 - Click on the sub-category where you wish to appear.
13 - Click on the arrow to move the sub-category to the box on the right hand side of the screen. Please, note that you can only select one subcategory if you want a free listing.
14 - Send your listing.

How to add a listing to Ameliste Wedding Directory?


How to advertize with Ameliste?

 Please check our advertising and commercial opportunities and contact us to have detailed quote for your enquiry.