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Wishing well and Oui Magazine issue No 59"The tradition of wishing well is known by all.  The concept of wedding wishing well is changing and had to adapt to a society where more than 90% of getting married couples have already been living together. They don't really need home furnishing or receiving duplicate gifts. Nowadays, people have different needs: painting pots to renew home, honeymoon travel to fulfil a dream they couldn't afford on their own or simply ask for cash to help for house deposit. In addition, the chore of trailing around shops to find what they might need for a new home is now over! Now, the wedding list can be manage online: from compiling the list to gifts delivery[...]   


Why choose online wedding list services?

Magazine frontpage, issue number 258"If you hate shopping around or if you want to save some time, there are many online wedding registries offering you to choose from gifts from the most traditional to the most unique from the comfort of your home. This option is very flexible and easy to manage as you can check and edit your list at any time. Here are website that have specialised in this type of wedding list service:,,
There are many department stores that provide expert advice, catalogues via the Internet and wedding list examples for those who are undecided . The good news is that you can even set up your wedding list online and a wedding website to share these moments with your friends." By Lisbeth KWIK

"Ameliste makes every effort to enable future married couples to have a green wedding"

logo infos jeunes"Ameliste makes every effort to enable future married couples to organize their green wedding and an environmentally friendly day for their Big Event. Ameliste is already working with a great number of charities in order to help engaged couples to raise charitable funds at the occasion of their wedding in order to share their happiness by making donations to those who need it the most."



"A new business model in the wedding registry industry"

Logo décideurs tvThomas Blard interviews Eric Lassus, co founding director of Ameliste. Here is the comment he makes about Ameliste services :

"Ameliste proves that it's still possible to innovate in a traditional business such as the wedding registry industry. [...] Before, it was just like if we were compel to spend all contributions from our list in one store or a list of affiliated vendors.  [...] What's very interesting about Ameliste is that you can change your wedding list in cash and use it as you want, or even hold it in an interest-bearing account..."


"Ameliste wins award for innovation 2009 in Paris"

Logo du FidepCréteil, 11 July 2009

Ameliste is an award winning business for the innovating concept of wedding registry in 2009. "The working group that have been assembled by PREDA (The Paris Region Economic Development Agency) since the creation of the company have made this wedding list handling system possible in France" said  Eric Lassus, co- founding director of Ameliste. "In fact, legal challenges are very complicated and numerous to give consumers the garantee of respecting legal procedures in particular in such a difficult economic context.